3 LED Messages to Make Students Feel Special

The kids are soon heading back to school and now is the time to upgrade your entrance with an affordable electronic LED sign.  

These signs can fulfill many different purposes for your educational center. You can remind parents of deadlines, promote upcoming events or display encouraging messages to help kick start a day of learning.

Another way you can use your LED sign is to display messages to make students feel special.  Everyone likes to be encouraged and celebrated on a personal level.  Try some of these techniques to keep your students excited about learning!


Celebrate birthdays

The kids probably aren’t too excited to be at school on their birthday, but a simple, personal message can go a long way in their confidence and excitement for the day.

If there are multiple kids with the same birthday, that’s ok! Have it rotate messages so you’re able to get everyone in the spotlight.

Celebrate achievements

Your students are always doing something amazing. They’re learning new things, excelling at tests, winning awards and working on fun projects.  Highlight those achievements!

Have a star student of the week?  Did the academic team win? Did someone just ace a big test? Show students you’re paying attention and you take pride in their accomplishments.

Celebrate teachers

The kids will feel like you’re celebrating them, if you celebrate their teacher. Did their teacher just finish her masters? Did he get married? Did her class excell at end of year tests?

Your students feel a part of their teacher’s team, so when you celebrate their achievements or life events, that pride extends to the students.

Everyone likes to know they’ve done something worthy of praise. By adding a simple uplifting message on your LED sign you’re encouraging one student while increasing morale across your campus.


Are you not sure how to make your LED messages stand out? Download our best practices guide. These simple guidelines work well for schools, businesses, or any organization with an LED messaging center.

Download LED Best Practices Guide

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