3 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

You may have decided you’re going to eat better and exercise more in your personal life, but have you thought about how to improve your business in the new year?

Set aside time over the next couple of days and make specific goals for your business.  It’s said that if you put deadlines to your goals, you will be more likely to follow through. So, create realistic goals and set approximate due dates for yourself to improve your business!

If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at these three New Year’s resolutions for businesses.  

New Year's Resolutions for Business Owners + Numeritex Displays

 -Analyze and improve your online presence

Many people see their online presence as a static piece of content. But, it shouldn’t be. Take a close look at everywhere you are online. This should include social media sites, your Google business page and your website.  

First, ensure everything is accurate. If you’ve recently changed your hours or your phone number, make sure these items are updated. Then, start looking at your engagement with customers. Do you respond to their online requests fast enough? Are you providing them new content regularly? Brainstorm ways to improve your online presence, make a plan and execute it.

-Give your entrance a fresh look

Take a quick drive around your block and enter your business with the mindset of a customer. What do you see?

Analyze what can be improved. This could include your building, sign, parking lot, or window display.

The best place to start is your sign. This is usually your potential customer’s first encounter with your business.  Adding a bright, LED electronic message board could give your storefront the uplift it needs. Learn more about the options Numeritex Displays has for your business.   

An LED sign gives you the opportunity to connect with the community and invite them into your store! Check out these 4 uses for your digital LED sign.  

If you already have a sign, make it stand out by trying some of these creative LED messages for wintertime.

-Rethink your processes

It can be hard to change your ways when “it’s always been done this way,” but it could really benefit your organization!

Take a look at your processes, survey your employees and see if there are new, faster or more economical ways to get the job done. You might be surprised at how the simplest change can add new life to your work.

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Remember you don’t have to tackle your goals all in the first month, but create a strategic plan to reach them throughout the year. With a little planning and determination, your business will continue on the path of success!

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