3 Ways a Church LED Sign Saves Time

Church leaders have many responsibilities in their congregation and their community.  Time is precious when there are so many who need help, counseling and attention.

So, changing the sign outside isn’t always the top priority, but those messages have an impact on the church’s reach so this task shouldn’t be ignored.

How do you make it a priority without neglecting other tasks within the church? LED signs help save churches time, while being a key invitation source within the community.  Here are three ways a church LED sign saves time.3 Ways A Church LED Sign Saves Time + Numeritex Displays

  • Decreases the time to change messages. Make the change in 5 minutes or less (instead of 30+!)

Creating new messages for your plastic letter sign takes time.  You have to write the message and decide if you have enough letters and space to create the message before you can ever make the changes outside.

But, if you have an LED sign, you can quickly make the changes using the electronic keyboard. You can try different messages or add multiple messages all within a few minutes.

Time saved: 25+ minutes

  • Decreases time gathering equipment and reaching the sign

Before you can change the sign, you have to gather the correct number of letters, put them in order and then balance those with the installation pole as you walk to your sign.

Your sign may not be in the easiest spot to reach on your property either.  You may have to walk through wet grass or muddy spots. You may even have to climb a hill or a steep ditch while carrying your letters and equipment.

Eliminate all of that hassle with an LED sign! What equipment do you need? Simply the electronic keyboard.  Then, stay inside your building or drive up closer to the sign to easily change the message.

Time saved: 15+ minutes

  • Eliminates searching for missing letters

No matter how securely you believe your plastic letters are on your sign, the right wind force can always knock them off. Then, after the storm, you’re left searching your property or neighboring properties for the missing letters.  Or, you may even just need to rearrange the letters to display the correct message again.

But, with an LED sign, all you have to keep up with is the electronic keyboard and your ideas!  After or during the rain, you won't have to search for missing letters, you can stay inside where it’s dry and warm to change the message as you see fit.

Time saved: 30+ minutes


If you change your message weekly, you could save over an hour or more of time that can be used to focus on other areas of the church! That's half a day every month! Learn more about the best LED sign options for churches

Not sure how to present an electronic message board as an option? Church leaders or sign companies can download our free presentation resource below. It shows the benefits and uses of an LED sign for a church.  Plus, hear what one church has to say after they installed their sign!

Download Church Presentation

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