4 Uses for Your Digital LED Sign

LED messaging centers can be used for a variety of purposes for any business or organization.

If you want to communicate a message to the public, then an LED sign is perfect for your organization.  

Here are four uses for your digital LED sign:

Uses for your Digital LED Sign + Numeritex Displays

Communicate Your Promotion

If you own a business, displaying your business hours can be beneficial, but don’t limit yourself to that.

One of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your current promotion or discount is to display it to those driving past. They may not stop immediately, but they will remember and may stop by later that day.

You could also make your promotion time sensitive. For example, display the night before and throughout the day that you will have a special only during specific hours or on a specific day of the week.

You can read more about the benefits of adding an LED sign to your business here.

Invite the Community

Churches and schools are always having events throughout the month. Why not tell the community?

Invite them to your next family game night or special concert. Does your school have a big theatrical performance every year? Display the time and date on the board to invite more than just the performer’s parents.

Help unite your community by inviting them to special services, meals and other events throughout the year.

Simply List Price

Sometimes all you really need is your logo and a sign displaying price.  If that’s what your customer really wants to know at a glance, then give it to them.

An LED digital display allows you to advertise your price from hundreds of feet away in a bright, colorful format.  You can purchase a sign that is able to be seen from a freeway or from just down the road.

Provide Valuable Information

No matter your organization, your LED sign can be used to provide valuable generic community information or something specific to you.

With Time-Temp Plus, you can provide a simple service for the community by always displaying the time, temperature and date.

Or if you are a bank, school or church, you may want to display an inspirational message to uplift drivers as they head to and from work.

You may even partner with other organizations to display some of their announcements on your sign.  


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to communicate with your community, then an LED digital display is the perfect option. You can easily display event invitations, prices and other informational messages.

Search for your industry and find the right Numeritex Displays product for you!

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