4 Ways to Shorten Your LED Message

You have a lot to say and only a limited amount of characters to say it in.  You may be looking at your message and thinking, “there’s no way someone will be able to read all of this as they drive by.”

If you’re thinking that...you’re right! So let’s work together to make your message more concise and ensure everyone passing by is fully informed.

Take a look at your copy and try some of these techniques to shorten your LED message:Shorten your LED message + Numeritex Displays

  1. Circle only the words you absolutely need for clarity. Remember many people skim, even when they’re able to sit down and read a full sentence. What can you take away that will not change the meaning of your post?
  2. Delete filler words. Look for some of these words and see if you can delete them: that, thing, just, a lot, very, of an,
  3. Do you really need that adjective or adverb?  Check for “ly” words. These descriptors may make your copy more compelling, but if it makes your copy too long, no one will be able to read it anyway.  Examples: Really, only, quickly, extremely, simply
  4. Are there symbols you can use instead of words?  Don’t fall into slang or texting shorthand here, but if you can replace “and” with “&”, then do so.

You want your message to be clear, concise and understood at a glance. Basically you’re writing a subheading to your logo.  It doesn’t have to be a full sentence; it just has to quickly make sense at a glance.  

Here are some LED message examples and how you can shorten the copy to create a more effective message:

Original message:

“Really great deal! Stop and receive a free drink with purchase!

More Effective Message:

Free drink with purchase!

In the original sign, those driving by may only be able to read “Really great deal!”  But, they have no context as to why the deal is great for them.  So, by shortening it, those thirsty customers driving by will see “free drink” and start considering stopping by your store.


Original Message:

“Church Service is every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Join us!”

More Effective Message:

“Join us Wed. Nights at 6:30!”

In the original, those driving by may see “church service, Wednesday and join us!”, but what they really need is the day and time.  They already know it’s a church because the sign is beside your church name. Now, you just need a short invitation.


Original Message:

Attention Parents: Turn in Permission slips no later than Friday morning

More Effective Message:

Parents: Permission Forms Due Friday AM

The original post is simply wordy and character heavy.  Take out the unneeded filler words and phrases and you’ve communicated more effectively.


Original Message:

Can’t Miss Deal! Buy One 24-pack for $3.99 and get one free

More Effective Message:

BOGO: 24-pack soda for $3.99

Most people automatically know BOGO means "buy one, get one", and pairing that with the item clearly and cleanly explains the “can’t miss deal” without being too distracting while they are driving by.

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