5 LED Sign Mistakes Businesses Make

An LED sign for a business can be an effective addition to your business strategy. Whether you’re a pharmacy, retail store or bank, you want to make the most of your investment.  

But, many businesses make the same mistakes that could potentially distract drivers or discourage potential customers.

When you’re considering purchasing an LED sign, choose one that will be easily seen from the road.  You also want to choose one you can change with little hassle and withstand the elements over the years.  Learn more about Numeritex Displays' options and benefits.

5 LED Sign Mistakes Businesses Make + Numeritex Displays

Here are 5 LED sign mistakes businesses should avoid making.

  • Bad Placement

The first mistake many businesses make is choosing a bad place for their sign to be installed.  It’s important to talk with your local government and determine their regulations. Once you know their limitations, begin looking at where the best place would be for your sign to go. Ask yourself these questions as you decide on the placement:

-Is there anything obstructing drivers’ view of the sign?

-Will the sign be easily read from the road?

-Does the sign help drivers determine where you business is located?

  • Too Generic

Deciding on your LED sign’s message can be a lengthy process. But, with the right wording, you can create an inviting message to potential customers.

Sadly, too many businesses try to be too generic with their messaging.  Remember who your target audience is and write your message directly to them.

  • Too Detailed

There are also businesses that have a non-generic message, but make the mistake of being too detailed.  Why is this bad?

Remember you have very limited space on a sign. Plus, drivers only have time to glance at it and receive the message.

Be concise and specific with your content. If your message requires you to scroll to another page to be understood, you need to shorten it.  Here’s a great post on how to shorten your LED messages.

  • Grammatical Mistakes/Misspellings

This can be easy to do when you're in a hurry, even for the top notch editor.  After you write out your message on the board, have a coworker or friend look at it immediately afterward.  If there are any changes that need to be made, you can easily correct it in a matter of minutes.

  • Abrupt Transitions

Again, make sure you don’t need a transition for the message.  But, if you have multiple messages, make sure you choose an easy to read, non-abrupt transition option.  If you decide to scroll your content, make sure you’ve set it at a pace that can be easily read.

If you decide for it to flash a portion of the message, consider how it will impact those driving by.  Plus, check with your city regulations to make sure there aren't rules against this. 

Remember your main goal is to provide a simple, concise message with an easy to understand meaning at a glance.  

It may be difficult to avoid some of these mistakes all the time. One of the best ways to avoid these mistakes is to do a drive by test. Ask yourself: Can you see and clearly understand the message while driving by? If you want to make a change, Numeritex Displays makes it easy.  

Need more tips for your electronic message board? Download our free guide below!

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