Benefits of Adding An LED Sign to your Business

An outdoor sign is one of the first invitations a potential customer has in visiting your business.  And as you already know, first impressions can mean the difference in a sale or a suffering reputation.

Having an LED messaging board as a part of your sign helps aid in your drive for more visitors and sales.

Here are the benefits of adding an LED sign to your business.

Benefits of adding an LED sign to your business + Numeritex Displays

Cost Effective Advertising

Your new sign helps drive traffic into your store.  According to the Small Business Administration this is the least expensive form of advertising to your small business. Their research revealed LED signs have the potential to increase sales 15% to 150%.

TV, radio and online advertising can take days or even months of planning. But, if you want to advertise a special on your LED sign, then it simply takes minutes.

You can have up to the minute sales and promotions offered throughout the day, enticing customers to stop by at certain times throughout the day or week.

Low Utility Cost

LED displays are cost effective electronic message centers.  LED displays use one-fortieth of the power consumed by other popular back lit displays.

You also don’t have to worry about bulbs going out.  LEDs are not tiny lightbulbs. They are not run by filaments which easily burn out like in regular bulbs. The average life of a Numeritex Displays LED product is 10 years.

Safer For Employees to Change Messaging

If you are still utilizing a plastic letter sign, it may be time for an upgrade. These older signs can cause hazards to employees or passersby.

Now, with the help of LED electronic messaging boards, you can have an employee stay within the store to change the message throughout the day. They no longer have to be close to oncoming traffic as they try to change out the plastic letters on a ladder or using a pole system.

Also, no matter the weather, you can change the message once a week, once a day or even multiple times throughout the day. This is done all within the comfort of your business.

Provides Inviting Appearance

Many times, especially at night, if you do not have a sign well lit, it gives the appearance your business is closed.

If you’re a hotel, it could give the appearance you don’t have any available rooms. If you’re a gas station, it communicates you are no longer selling gas that day, or perhaps you’re closed for good.

Having an LED sign communicates that your gas station, hotel, bank or other business communicates is open and welcoming the public’s business. Also, having a well lit, bright sign reassures the public you are a safe establishment for anyone to visit.

If you’re ready to increase sales and provide a more welcoming entrance to your business then learn about all the different options Numeritex Displays has for businesses.

You may use your existing plastic letter sign or you may decide to build a new sign to better fit your needs. Either option, Numeritex Displays offers a product to fit your business and location.

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