Church Signs Impact How You Reach the Community

People drive by churches every day.   They glance at the steeple, note the large parking lot, but may never enter the doors.  

You have programs for children, adults, for those in need and those wanting to feel a part of a family.  But, if they don’t come inside, if they don’t visit your website, how will they know who you are and what you are all about?

Simple messaging to the hundreds to thousands of people that pass by your church every week, could be the next step in reaching your community.


Why do you need to upgrade your church sign?

  • Outdated plastic letter signs give newcomers the impression that your congregation is outdated.

Your plastic letter sign could be communicating that you are out of touch and don’t have many younger members. A new, fresh, well lit sign could give the front of your church and signage the updated look you need to attract new visitors.

  • It’s easier to change your messaging at a moment’s notice

Are you tired of changing the plastic letter messages on cold mornings or in the high heat? With electronic messaging boards, you can easily stay in the comfort of your car or building to change the messaging. Read more about why it’s time to upgrade your plastic letter sign.

  • Ability to add more than just service times

With plastic letter signs you’ve been very limited to what you can say.  But, with an LED sign for your church, you can have multiple messages displayed.  

Think about adding inspirational messages or invitations to community events. You can write a memorable message that stays with those passing by.   Click here for best practices for your electronic messaging center.

  • Always well lit and eye catching

You want to catch the attention of those passing by correct? If you want visitors to feel welcome to join in your activities and events, then an LED sign can help you reach your community in a new way and at all hours of the day.

Are you adding a new sign to your church’s budget for the next year? We want to help your congregation see how it can help in your mission! Download our free presentation to show your church leadership the benefits, the best product options and more. Download it below! Download Church Presentation

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