Create the Right First Impression for Your Business

What is your potential customer's first impression with your organization?  It doesn’t start with a “welcome” sign or a friendly hello when they walk in.  Their first impression is made before they ever decide to turn into your business’s parking lot.  

So, do an experiment for your own business or organization. Take a drive by your property. What are you communicating?

Business First Impressions + Numeritex Displays


What should you be analyzing?

-Is your business easily seen from the road?

-What kind of signage represents you? What message does it display about your products/services?

-What’s the state of your parking lot and landscaping?

According to a FedEx survey, 76% of consumers said they chose to enter an unknown store based simply on its signs.

They also found that 68% of consumers believe signs represent the quality of products they will find within the store.

What sign features impact customers?

-Location: If your sign isn’t easily seen, then it’s not very beneficial to your organization. Or, is your sign too far away from the location of your business? Are people confused about where your business is located after they see your sign? The main function of a sign is to direct traffic. Make sure your sign is directing traffic into your business and not a neighboring one.

-Grammar: Over half of respondents from a FedEx survey say that poor grammar will actually deter them from choosing to shop at a store. If you need help creating the perfect message for your electronic messaging center, download Numeritex Displays’ free guide!

-Quality: Is your sign built with quality materials? Your sign was an investment in your store’s future. Is it withstanding hazardous weather and sun damage? If you realize you need an upgrade, look into affordable retrofit options to help you update your existing signage.

Making a first impression for your business in store and online is important.  Once you get your business outside (sign, landscaping, etc.) the way you want it, take high quality photos to post on your online platforms. This can include Google business, Facebook, your personal website and more.

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