Creative Winter LED Message Ideas

Your sign is a vital piece of marketing real estate. You have the opportunity to grab the attention of each person who drives by your business. Though your words are limited, you can still drive traffic to your business with an LED sign! 

Numeritex Displays offers electronic message board options that allow you to communicate with your potential and current customers.  

Here are some options to consider this winter for your LED messages.

Creative Winter LED Sign Ideas + Numeritex Displays

  • Countdowns

During the holiday season there are many ways to create special countdowns for your electronic message board. Countdown to:

-Black Friday Deals

-Small Business Saturday Deals

-12 Days of Christmas Specials

-New Year’s Countdown with New Products


  • Wintertime Reminders/Invitations

Use your LED sign to connect with your community.  Remind them of upcoming winter events around town. Or, are you hosting an event or open house? Easily invite them to it!

Also, don’t neglect your opportunity to remind your customers of safety tips for winter. Here are some examples:

-Bank LED sign: “Drive Safe This Holiday! Pack Car Emergency Kit."

-Grocery LED sign: “Emergencies Happen: Stock up on canned goods!”

-Retail Store LED sign: “Share the Road this Holiday! Let’s be safe together!”

-Car Shop LED sign: “It’s winter, keep your gas tank full”


  • Featured Products (in season and out of season)

Whether you’re trying to get rid of out of season merchandise or have new merchandise you’re ready to move, feature them on your LED sign.

Example: Dreaming of Spring? _______is 50% off!


  • Festive Messages (more than just “Happy Holidays!”)

It can be easy to fall into just displaying greetings during the holiday season.  That's okay to an extent, but vary your messaging.  Try to keep your messages festive, without being too generic.

Here’s a few examples to try out:

- Stressful Holiday? Easily Shop for Everyone Inside!

- Give Thanks! Help Us Support (NAME CHARITY)

- New Year, New Products, New Deals! Come Inside!


Wintertime brings holiday celebrations, more time with family and of course, colder weather.  Your LED sign can be the perfect asset to drive more traffic into your store.

Want more tips on your LED messaging? Download our guide below!

Download LED Best Practices Guide

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