Hotels: Prepare Early for Holiday Travelers

Let’s take a moment to look forward to cooler weather and the holiday travel season! Hotels, or really any business, should take an afternoon to plan ahead.

Families will be booking their accommodations now for their Fall Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas travel plans. Then, as they travel, they’ll be looking for well-lit, clean, hotels, gas stations and unique shops to visit.

So, don’t let the holidays slip up on you! Start thinking about the affordable improvements you can make to your hotel to increase your overall appeal; reaching and satisfying your customers.  

Where do you start? Hotels prepare now with this quick list! (though these concepts can be applied to most businesses!)  

Hotels: Prepare Early For Holiday Travelers + Numeritex Displays

  • Make minor updates with major impact

Take a walk through your hotel and take inventory of what first impression your customers may have when they walk through the doors.  What can be taken away, added or fixed to give a great first impression?  

Look at your lighting. An update could give you a more modern look and possibly help you save money.  If there are tears in your carpet, look at adding a new rug to help cover these up.

These don’t have to be expensive improvements, just a few updates can make a world of difference!

  • Take a closer look at your curb appeal

Take a walk outside with your business partner, or one of your more trusted employees, to examine your curb appeal.  Is your entrance well lit and inviting? Can your hotel residents easily find your hotel? How can you make your front stand out, especially when the seasons change and landscaping looks bare?

LED signs can help you brighten your entrance, giving your customers a sense of ease and safety.  Use price signs or electronic messaging boards to help passersby know what is happening around town or invite them to special events/conferences held at your hotel.  

  • Try overlooked advertising opportunities

Even if you don’t have a major advertising budget, don’t discount a few simpler and cheaper options.  

Work on your SEO (search engine optimization) so you are easily found on search engines like Google.  Or, look into creative ways to use social media platforms.  Let your past and potential customers in on the changes being made and how you will make their mini-vacation even better.


Holiday travel will be here before you know it and now is the time to prepare for families traveling to see loved ones or for short little getaways before it turns too cold.  

If you aren’t sure what types of messages you should use on your electronic messaging board or just want some extra tips, download our free guide below!

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