How to Save Money On A New Sign

HowToSaveMoneyOnANewSign.jpgSign installers and companies are always looking for ways to save on their next project, both for themselves and their customers. 

Numeritex Displays works with sign companies daily to help them provide high quality LED signs for their clients.  We have signs that will work for any of your clients, whether it’s a school, church, business or gas station.

But, with any lucrative business, you have to find ways to not only make money, but save money as well.  Here are some tips on how to save money on a new sign.  

  • Explore retrofit options.

If your customer doesn't have the budget to pay for a costly installation of a new sign, you can encourage them to explore retrofit options.  Numeritex Displays has two options you can introduce them to.  

Gas-Trac is a price changer, perfect for gas stations. This is a slender, lightweight retrofit option that fits into the existing tracking used by a plastic letter sign.  Installation does not require cutting into your existing sign, which lowers installation costs and time. that actually fits directly into the existing plastic letter sign.  Installation is simple and has two ways of changing the sign.

Or your client has the option of purchasing GasCelLink, which allows them to change their Gas-Trac from anywhere in the world. Or they can purchase our Wi-Fi option which gives them local capabilities.  

Econo-Trac is a great option if your client is in search of a messaging center. Instead of purchasing a brand new sign, you can update their existing sign facing with this retrofit option.  

These options help your client save money because they keep their original sign, but still give it a high-tech, bright welcoming look that fits their budget.  

  • Search for options that don’t require additional software.

Technology and computer software continues to change. But, with any of the Numeritex Displays options you’ll be able to change the sign without any additional software added to your computer.  Each of our options use a standalone remote or keyboard that changes the signs.  

Your client will not have to upgrade their computer system to use their LED sign.

  • Consider all aspects of the cost.

When making a decision about purchasing new signage it is important to weigh all costs including time and expense of installation as well as shipping fees.

With Numeritex Displays, since each of our products are designed, manufactured and shipped from the United States, the cost is very competitive. Though we work with many international sign companies and organizations, our LED signs are made from one U.S. location.

This helps cut down on the costs associated with sign manufacturing. We are able to control quality and design for each of our clients’ projects.  Though you may find a cheaper sign, that doesn’t always mean it will last. Remember to consider all the aspects of the cost and choose an LED sign that will withstand time and the elements.

Also, as an added benefit, if you do have to talk with customer service after your purchase, our support staff works right alongside our engineers and manufacturers.  We even have a support portal that is designed to make it even easier to get the answers you need.


There are many ways you can help save yourself and your client some money with their new sign purchase. Contact us for a quote on your next project.  We would love to help you find the best option and the best price!

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