How to Use Your LED Sign to Increase Revenue

When you love your job, it’s not all about the money. But because you love your career and the business you’ve built, you have to work hard and keep an eye on the cash flow.

Adding an LED sign has many benefits, but ultimately it could help your business’s revenue grow. According to the Small Business Administration, signs are one of the most effective forms of advertising, at a bargain cost. Their study also states an LED sign could increase your sales “15% – 150% at 10% of the cost of other advertising.”

But, how do you use your digital messaging center to it’s fullest potential? Here’s how to use your LED sign to increase revenue.

HowToUseLEDSignIncreaseRevenue.jpgConnect with the Community

A simple way to help you increase revenue is to show your support for the community. Do you know the birthdays of loyal customers? (make sure you have their permission!)  Is there a big game you can help promote? Are there visitors you can welcome coming to town for a big event?

There are many ways for you to show your support for the people in your community and the efforts your city is making to bring in tourists and more business.

Advertise Attractive Deals

This one is the most obvious, but think outside the box and do more than just your weekly specials.

-Advertise a deal relating to a community event or holiday.

-Advertise the hot ticket item. Other stores may be selling it as well, but sweeten the deal a little bit and hopefully you can get them in the door to see that item plus many more.  

-Advertise the rare. It may not be the hottest item at the moment, but are you selling something unique? Peek the interest of those passing by.

-Advertise a deal that’s only good at a certain time. Want to increase traffic at a certain time of day? Then host a deal within those hours.

-Display a contest promotion you’re hosting.

Be consistent and relevant

Your sign’s message needs to be consistent with your messaging in other marketing efforts.  If you sent an email to loyal customers, use your sign to remind them of the deal, plus attract potential new loyal customers.

Also, remember to be relevant. If there’s something happening in your community, at your business, across the nation, it’s ok to address them, if it’s relevant to your business.

Advertise inside

This can be applied to many different types of businesses, but most notably gas stations. You’ve attracted them with your gas price, but now they’ve moved inside. Help make their buying decisions easier by displaying deals on certain items you want to move in your store.

Your LED sign is an affordable tool to communicate with your audience. If you keep your messages concise, purposeful, and creative your potential customers will take notice.

Want to make your LED message stand out? Download our free best practices guide below!Download LED Best Practices Guide

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