LED Messages To Increase Your Bank’s Reach

Your bank owns prime real estate if you own a sign with electronic messaging capabilities.  But, don’t limit yourself to listing your hours or generic services. Be creative with the information you offer on your messaging center.

Here are four ways your LED message can increase your bank’s customer reach.

LED Messages to Increase Bank Reach

Highlight a special service

Your bank offers a lot of services, so don’t try to cram all of these on your sign, but highlight one a week or month. Repetition on your LED messaging center isn’t a bad thing.  The more people see your message, the more they will remember it later.

How do you choose which service to highlight?

Your marketing and public relations team should work together to see how your LED sign can fit into your marketing plans. What are you currently featuring in your online, print and tv commercials? Integrate that message into your electronic messaging center for your bank.

Consistency and repetition is beneficial to staying top of mind in your target audience’s life.

Highlight an employee

Before choosing this option, consider if this employee is loyal and will be a good name to represent your company’s mission. This isn’t about looks, but about loyalty and character. Ask yourself does this person possess both?

You can highlight something they’ve achieved, congratulate them on a marriage or new child. Or you can talk about their expertise at the bank, inviting customers in to speak with them.  

Be sure to ask permission before putting any information about them up on the board.

Promote area events 

Make your messaging center into a community announcement board.  This could simply be displaying the next local basketball game or a parade. Even if you aren’t a part of the event itself, you will be known for spreading the word.

By supporting your town this way, you display your community pride in a simple, cost-effective way.

Recognize community achievements

Did someone win a big award? Did your football team just win the state championship? Did one of your bank customers achieve something worth noting?

Integrate yourself into your community through a simple LED congratulatory message.  

Not sure how to create an LED message that stands out? Learn about to shorten your LED messages. Or Download our best practices guide for great tips to make the most of your Bank’s LED sign.

Download LED Best Practices Guide

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