LED Signs Advance a Gas Station’s Sales Cycle

You may supply a gas station with their price changers, but you could help them advance their gas station’s sales cycle even more. By showing them their need for more, you can help them reach their full potential in driving traffic indoors.

Two main goals exist for gas stations, and a series of LED signs can help achieve them:  

  1. Sell more gas
  2. Attract buying customers inside


Let’s take a quick tour of how the right LED sign placement and messaging can help increase a gas station’s traffic.

A car is driving on the freeway and they don’t need gas just yet, but then they see your billboard sized gas price display. Everyone is already a little grumpy from the long drive anyway, so they get off at the next exit.

As they drive down the ramp, they’ve already forgotten the name of your gas station, but then they see the your gas price sign with the same price displayed and they pull in.

While they’re pumping gas the kids are saying they’re thirsty and the spouse is wanting to get out and stretch.  They glance up at the LED sign pump topper and realize they have a family deal for drinks and snacks.

So the family heads inside for a bathroom break, and to purchase drinks and snacks for the rest of the drive.

That’s when the kids see an LED sign as they walk to the bathroom about the ice cream treats and suddenly, the family is buying drinks, ice cream treats, chips and more. As they’re leaving, they remember the oil light or check engine light is on so they grab some oil and antifreeze just in case they need it down the road.

The products they want paired with friendly customer service allows them to leave a little happier than when they arrived.

It may seem simple, but this trail of LED signs allows gas stations to:

  1. Attract customers
  2. Communicate deals
  3. Make purchasing decisions easier

If you’re supplying gas stations with LED signs, help them see the benefits of adding more than just a gas price changer.

Having a visible LED price changer is a good start, but adding digital messaging centers to the inside and outside of a store can help make customers’ buying decisions easier.

Are you working on a sign project for a gas station or chain of gas stations? We would love to talk with you about your projects!

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