Overlooked Advertising Opportunities

Advertising comes with an expensive connotation. And though marketing and advertising does cost, if you make smart choices and are consistent, it doesn’t have to outweigh your income.

If you’re looking for ways to increase the exposure of your business, first get back to the basics.

Here are commonly overlooked advertising opportunities you should pay attention to:

 Overlooked Advertising Opportunities + Numeritex Displays

LED Signs

LED displays help businesses in a couple of different ways. They increase their visibility from the road. With the right sized sign and the optimal placement along the road, you can grab the attention of those passing by.

Plus, don’t discount having smaller signs outside the gas station or inside your store.

Whether you simply need a price changer or an electronic messaging center, Numeritex Displays has options for you or your client.

LED signs provide businesses a bright and professional look, while displaying current sales, events or important information.

Electronic messaging centers are prime real estate for advertising special deals or highlighting a customer or employee. These displays are a cost effective way to increase your exposure within your community.


When your LED sign attracts a customer into your store, now it’s time for the real work to begin. Now it’s time to shift your focus to building a relationship with your customer.

Once they’re in the store, ensure they have a good experience. Remember good customer service is a key step in building a fan for your business.

Don’t ignore your customers once they enter the store, nurture the buyer/seller relationship both in person and online. Make it easy for them to refer you.

Even though there is a ton of information online, people still look to friends and family for recommendations.


Social Media

Part of making referrals easy, is being present on social media. There are many free social media platforms that could be beneficial to reaching your audience, for instance Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

But in today’s social media climate, many times you must pay to be seen. This doesn’t mean every time you post you have to pay, but in some cases your reach will increase if you do put some money behind it.  The good news is, most platforms offer very affordable options for creating online advertisements.

Advertising and marketing can be expensive, but to increase the awareness of your brand, it’s a must.  But, never forget the basics of good customer service and a professional look, both in person and online.

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