Perks of Your LED Sign Being Made in the U.S.

When you’re searching for the right LED sign manufacturer for your clients to work with, it can be difficult to know who is the best choice.  

By choosing to work with Numeritex Displays, a company based in the United States, there are certain perks!

We are an LED sign company based out of Murray, KY, designing, manufacturing, selling and shipping all of our LED signs right from our main campus!

What does this mean for you and your clients? Here are the perks of your LED sign being made in the U.S.

Perks-of-Your-LED-Sign-Being-Made-in-the-U.S. + Numeritex Displays

-Access to sales representatives who work next to the engineers

After you’ve submitted a request for a quote, one of our sales representatives will contact you directly to help you with any questions you may have about your upcoming LED sign purchase.

Many sales teams aren’t familiar with the technical side of the LED signs, but ours are! Even if they don’t know the specific answer, they work in the same building as the engineers and manufacturers. That means you get all of the information you need and each of your questions answered accurately.

-Shorter lead times

Our high quality LEDs and sign interfaces are all made at our U.S. factory.  This means lead times are shorter!  

We strive to help you get the sign your client needs as fast as we’re able to build it. Since all of our production is here in the U.S. you can expect a shorter lead time than what you’ve experienced with competitors.

-Tech support from the U.S.

Our online helpdesk allows you to submit a ticket and receive a timely response from the same team who engineered and built your sign.  Though most of our customers experience very little issues, if you do have a problem or concern, we are here to help!

This helpdesk also has resources to help you troubleshoot minor issues you may experience and keep an eye on any open tickets you may have.

-Supports the U.S. economy

Best of all you are supporting families here in the U.S. Our team strives to build you a quality product you can feel confident in selling to your customers.  We are based in a university town so we have college students, parents, and others working here at Numeritex Displays.

We understand the competition may be a tempting choice, but remember these perks on top of a well-built, long lasting LED sign.

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