Techniques for Increasing Sign Business

Every business and organization needs a sign, and as a sign company, your goal is to entice those organizations to choose you.

The good news is we are here to help! Numeritex Displays not only provides a quality product but also provides you with resources to help you increase traffic and drive more sign sales.

Here are some techniques for increasing sign business:

Techniques-for-Increasing-Sign-Business + Numeritex Displays

Improve In Person/Online Presence

Have you examined the impression you give customers both online and when they drive by your office?

If you’re selling signs, how does your outdoor sign look? Is it impressive? Do you have product samples hanging throughout your office for potential customers to look at?

Is all of your information updated online? Does the information listed on your website match your Google Business Page and your social media accounts?

There are many ways to improve first impressions of your company. This article is a great resource!

Give Product Demonstrations

People love to see how simple or how complicated something is before they buy it, especially when it comes to technology.

Numeritex Displays makes it easy for you to show a quick product demonstration of how easy it is to change text on any of our LED sign options.  If you need a display for a show or for a limited time, contact us.  If you want them permanently, you can purchase them, or ask us about how to qualify for our free demo program!

Use Free Resources to Show Clients Their Need

We have created many resources for you to learn how to better your own company, as well as help improve your clients’ organizations.

Here’s a few to take a look at:

  • Are you trying to convince your client they need an LED sign? This infographic walks them through it! Feel free to share it on your own social media sites.
  • Show them how using an LED sign creatively can help them improve their business. Check out this article!
  • If they aren’t sure what they would do with an LED sign, show them these 4 primary uses.
  • After they’ve purchased, help them feel confident in their purchase by emailing them examples of messages that drive traffic. You can use this article as a reference.  

It can be difficult focusing on your own business when you’re always focused on your clients’. But in the new year, now is the time to improve your business tactics so you can continue helping your clients improve their visual presence.

Have you downloaded our Guide for Sign Companies yet? There are many great resources inside and it’s free!

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