Best of 2016: Top 10 LED Articles Businesses Shouldn’t Miss

Top 10 articles of 2016 + Numeritex Displays

It’s been a great year to offer LED sign solutions to businesses across the country! Numeritex Displays creates electronic message boards and LED price changers in the US for businesses, gas stations, churches and other organizations.

We also strive to help these organizations better serve their customers and communities. These are the top articles on LED signs for businesses in 2016! If you haven’t already, read through these to improve your LED messages and your connection with the community in the new year. 

What to Ask Before Buying an LED Sign -- Are you searching for the right LED message board? This quick guide will help you ask the right questions before you make a decision.WhatToAskBeforeYouBuy.jpg

Who Needs an LED Sign? [Infographic]

Not sure if you need an LED sign? Are you a sign company working to help your customers decide? This infographic is an excellent illustration of who all could benefit from using an LED sign!

5 LED Sign Mistakes Businesses Make

Don’t make these mistakes! Whether you’ve already purchased a sign or are looking to purchase one, these are easy mistakes to make...and avoid.

4 Uses for Your LED Sign

It helps you communicate with your potential customers and connect with the community! Here are some ways to use your LED sign.

Creative Winter LED Message Ideas

There’s a lot that happens in winter and you can feed off of that on your LED sign! Here’s some creative ways to use your LED sign in the coldest months of the year.


4 Ways to Shorten Your LED Message

One of the most important lessons to learn: keep it interesting and concise. But, it’s hard to do! Here are a few ways to shorten your message without stifling your creativity.

Why You Need to Read Your City’s Sign Ordinance

Before you purchase a sign, it’s important to read your city’s sign ordinance. Each city has its own regulations you will need to follow. This article will get you started on what you need to know.

LED Messages to Increase Your Bank’s Reach

Though this article is for bank LED signs, the principles can be applied to most any business. Try these creative messages to increase your reach.

3 Ways a Church LED Sign Saves Time

An electronic message board for a church, or other organization, is a great asset to the community and time saver for staff. See how!

Sign Installation Safety

A little friendly safety reminder to the sign companies Numeritex Displays works with daily!


Numeritex Displays will continue to work with you to provide an affordable, quality LED option for your organization.  Learn more about Numeritex Displays’ product options. Not sure which electronic display would be right for you? Take a look at our buyer’s guided experience!  

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