Top 3 LED Signs that Fit Any Industry

One LED sign doesn’t fit every situation. That’s why we’ve designed and engineered many different LED signs to fit almost any industry need.  

If you’re a sign installation company, you work with all types and sizes of signs. So, with Numeritex Displays, you’ll be able to serve gas stations, businesses, churches, or any other organization.
No matter which client stops by, here are three LED signs that will fit their needs.

  • Econo-TracNumeritex Econo-Trac LED Sign

This retrofit option is perfect for businesses and churches looking for an affordable way to upgrade their existing plastic letter signs.  Your client will love being able to change their sign from the comfort of their building instead of out in the elements.  

Econo-Trac is an electronic messaging board that slides directly into your existing track.  It’s lightweight, and gives you the option to create messages with uppercase and lowercase letters, or symbols.  

If you’re not sure a retrofit option will work for them, here are some guidelines to help you determine if it will be a good fit.  


Numeritex UniTrac LED Sign

Customers looking for a simple LED messaging center will like the Uni-Trac® option.  The sign is only 3.5 inches deep and is one of the lightest LED messaging centers on the market.  However, this sign is designed to drop into a sign face and is a little heavier than the Econo-Trac.

The best part about this sign is its easy installation! Simply mount it inside a sign face, connect the power and it’s ready to begin displaying messages.  The Uni-Trac also has options for presenting text in different animations such as scrolling, sliding up or down.


  • Time/Temp PlusNumeritex TimeTempPlus LED Sign

Many only want to display simple messages such as price, time or date. That’s what this option provides! This sign has 4 functions:





This is a great option for clients looking to create a welcoming, bright   atmosphere, without having a full messaging center.  

Of course Numeritex Displays has more options to fit the industry you’re working with.  If you haven’t already, take our Buyer’s Guided Experience quiz that will direct you to the right signs for whatever client you’re working with.

Want all the details about each of our products? Then download our Product Guide for free below!

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