Top 3 LED Signs that Fit Any Industry

One LED sign doesn’t fit every situation. That’s why we’ve designed and engineered many different LED signs to fit almost any industry need.  

If you’re a sign installation company, you work with all types...


Creative Winter LED Message Ideas

Your sign is a vital piece of marketing real estate. You have the opportunity to grab the attention of each person who drives by your business. Though your words are limited, you can still drive traffic to your...


5 LED Sign Mistakes Businesses Make

An LED sign for a business can be an effective addition to your business strategy. Whether you’re a pharmacy, retail store or bank, you want to make the most of your investment.  


3 Ways a Church LED Sign Saves Time

Church leaders have many responsibilities in their congregation and their community.  Time is precious when there are so many who need help, counseling and attention.

So, changing the sign outside isn’t always...


Church Signs Impact How You Reach the Community

People drive by churches every day.   They glance at the steeple, note the large parking lot, but may never enter the doors.  

You have programs for children, adults, for those in need and those...


LED Messages To Increase Your Bank’s Reach

Your bank owns prime real estate if you own a sign with electronic messaging capabilities.  But, don’t limit yourself to listing your hours or generic services. Be creative with the information you offer...


3 LED Messages to Make Students Feel Special

The kids are soon heading back to school and now is the time to upgrade your entrance with an affordable electronic LED sign.  


How to Use Your LED Sign to Increase Revenue

When you love your job, it’s not all about the money. But because you love your career and the business you’ve built, you have to work hard and keep an eye on the cash flow.

Adding an LED sign has...


4 Ways to Shorten Your LED Message

You have a lot to say and only a limited amount of characters to say it in.  You may be looking at your message and thinking, “there’s no way someone will be able to read all of this as they drive by.”


Write an LED Message that Attracts Customers

You’ve chosen your electronic message board for your business or organization and now it’s time to decide the message. It may seem simple, but when you consider the limited space on your sign, it...


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