What to Ask Before Buying an LED Sign

When choosing the right LED sign to fit your business or organization, you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Research the right LED sign to fit your industry and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

It’s an investment in your business, so here is what to ask before buying an LED sign.What to Ask Before You Buy An LED Sign + Numeritex Displays

  • How far away can this LED display be seen?

This will determine how large your sign needs to be, to be seen. Also, it will help you determine placement and what you can do according to your city’s ordinances.   If you choose a 2-inch LED character, this can be read at a maximum of 100 feet. But, if you choose a height of 14 inches, this LED character can be read from a maximum of 700 feet.

We recommend you measuring the distance between the road and your sign to help you determine the right choice.

It is also helpful to know the speed limit, and the number of traffic lanes on the road where the sign will be installed. A person traveling faster in the left lane will require a larger font size to capture your message in a shorter amount of time.

  • What kind of sign cabinet do I need to buy to fit your LED options?

This is one of the most important questions to ask, because you need to know if your existing sign is sufficient, or if you will need to purchase a brand new new sign to display your LEDs.

With Numeritex Displays you can choose a retrofit option so your existing plastic letter sign or display cabinet can still be used. Not having to buy and construct a brand new sign will help you make this economical upgrade.

These options include:

  • Gas-Trac – retrofit gas price changer, slides into existing plastic letter track
  • Econo-Trac – retrofit LED message board, slides into existing plastic letter track
  • Uni-Trac – electronic messaging center to fit into new or old sign
  • How many messages can you display or rotate between?

We recommend keeping your messages clear and concise. But, you do have the option to rotate through many messages if you find this is a benefit to your business and audience.

You may want to consider only having 2-3 messages rotate through if you choose a Numeritex Displays messaging center option.  

  • How will I be able to change the LED message?

There are many systems available with other companies, usually involving you buying a new computer. With Numeritex Displays this isn’t the case. We offer a couple of different options depending on which type of display option you choose.  

Our LED gas price displays have a simple wireless handheld remote that allows you to change the price on up to 8 different displays from a range of 300 feet or 92 meters. Our LED message boards have a wireless Quirky LCD keyboard that communicates with the displays without having to buy costly software programs or a computer system.

For our Gas-Trac, MaxView, and GPS options, you can purchase GASCELLINK, where you can change the price from your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

The message center options, such as Uni-Trac and Econo-Trac, have a Wireless LCD keyboard which controls all units on site. This gives you complete control over message duration, font, style, and motion. Plus, you can change the content at a range of 1,000 feet!

Contact us with your other questions, but these are essential to you finding the best LED sign for your business, school, church or other organization.

Numeritex Displays would love to help you with your next sign project. Request a quote today!


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