Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Plastic Letter Signs

If your business or organization still has a plastic letter sign, you’re probably reluctant to change the message often.

Perhaps, you feel like a new sign is out of your price range, but with Numeritex Displays, it doesn’t have to be.

Your church, school or business may be able to purchase our retrofit products which slide into your existing sign. If you’d like to explore this option learn more about our Econo-Trac product.

If you’re still unsure if purchasing an LED sign is right for your business, consider the following. It explains why it’s time to upgrade your plastic letter signs.Upgrade Your Plastic Letter Sign + Numeritex Displays

Static Letter Signs:

  • Require labor to constantly change messages.
  • Use a pole system to change letters. These are hard to handle and can be very frustrating for you or your employees.
  • Easily lose letters due to weather conditions. One missing letter could change the entire meaning of your advertisement, price or message.
  • Are not changed often, which leads to out-of-date ads.
  • Are manually changed which causes safety concerns for employees and liability issues for employers.
  • Sometimes feature hard to read, ineffective messages.
  • Do not provide a way to easily display time-sensitive advertising.
  • Constantly need broken, crooked and missing letters replaced.
  • Are not easily visible at night. Though they may be backlit, they are not easily read at the same distance as an LED digital display.

These static letter signs are still used by many businesses, churches and other organizations. But, Numeritex Displays has the technology to take an existing sign and make your location stand out among the others.

Though plastic letter signs are only viable during the day, Numeritex Displays options allow your sign to be visible 24/7. Even if your business isn’t open at night, that’s still valuable communication time to display a message to those night shift workers or pre-dawn risers.

Upgrade your existing sign or build a brand new sign for your organization using LED messaging centers. These messages are easy to change from inside your office or car.  Plus, they provide a welcoming, lit up entrance to your location.

Want to find the perfect LED sign for your organization? Take this short quiz to find the sign that’s right for you!

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