Work from Around the World, Introducing GasCelLink

Numeritex Displays GasCellink

You’re busy, your stores are busy, so we’re here to make things a little simpler for you! Numeritex Displays introduces GasCelLink, an online solution for changing gas prices on your LED signs.

If you own multiple gas stations, or multiple LED signs at one location, you can change the prices for all of your signs with very little effort.  

There are many benefits of using GasCelLink. You can change the sign from any location.  You can also change multiple signs from one device.  

GasCelLink currently works with our LED price changers, Gas-Trac, GPS and MaxView.

You now have three options for changing your system.  You can change them with the wireless remote, a Wi-Fi connection or now with the GasCelLink subscription.

What are the benefits of using GasCelLink with your LED price changers?

-You can change your sign from anywhere you want.

-You can change your sign via tablet, phone or computer.

-Saves your employees time. They can focus on the customers and not on changing prices at an exact time.

-You can have multiple users who have access to change the prices at the time you designate.


Take an inside look to the simple interface you’ll use to change your LED signs.

GasCelLink Example Page

This product not only provides convenience but better control over multiple locations and signs. Have complete control over the prices displayed with the new GasCelLink!

With this ability there will be a yearly subscription fee for mobile access. You even have the option to upgrade to GasCelLink if you currently own one of our price changers.  You will get up to a $200 credit towards upgrading your power box.

Want to learn more about our LED signs for gas stations? Download our free guide below. Inside the guide you’ll find articles to improve business and the best LED sign options available for convenience stores and gas stations.


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